In addition to providing for all your standard trip requirements, Sachlav Ultimate Israel takes care of all the the details during the planning and action phase of your trip.

  • Step by step assistance and trip coordination
  • The best standard of tour guides and madrichim/councelors
  • Marketing assistance
  • Educational programming
  • In- house Educational Director to create your itinerary
  • Pre- trip staff training
  • First class bus services
  • Security and medical support
  • Israeli host families
  • Cell phone rental
  • Comprehensive insurance

Timing Your Trip

In terms of budget, winter is a great time to travel, but remember your days will be shorter. If you’re looking for a summer break, escape the heat and schedule outdoor activities for early in the day. Want to visit during religious holidays? Book early!

Do more than sitesee
Before booking your trip dates, take a look at our Facebook and Twitter pages, where we post information on up- coming festivals and cultural events. Israel is known for its cultural diversity, speak to us about activities that will help you explore it.
Get the most out of your budget

If you’re planning a group trip, fill every seat on your bus. The more people you bring with you, the more your costs go down. Buses and guides are booked per a day, so schedule “free days” for all your self- guided, leisure activities.

Don’t give up on your dream itinerary

You may think it’s impractical or expensive, the list goes on, but there are always creative ways of re- working your schedule or budget to make things possible. Sachlav, Ultimate Israel has the contacts, the staff, and the persistence to complete your trip wishlist.

Pre- trip orientation

Consider including an orientation weekend to your trip. Our staff comes to you, we brief your group, train your chaperons, group leaders, or madrichim, and organize pre- trip teambuilding for all travelers. Build the excitement and group connection before your departure.

Ask for advice

Sachlav, Ultimate Israel has been showing people Israel for the last 25 years. We are all about providing you with the help and advice you need, to get the trip you want. If you not sure where to start, or where to go, and how to get there, just ask.

Themed trips and unique experiences

Add a theme to your trip, or a few unconventional activities to your itinerary. Try a tour of Israels wine and cheese farms, join a music session with popular Israeli artists, attend a short current affairs course, or match your children with an Israeli peer group for activities. Contact us for more ideas.

Define your audience

Class trips and ladies’ retreats should have very different itineraries. Consider the age, interests, and expectations of your group. There’s no better way to find out then by asking your group directly what kind of experience they would like to have.

Accomodation as an experience

It’s easy to just book into your standard hotel, but why not enrich your experience by trying something new. Enjoy a night in a bedouin tent, a couple of nights in a kibbutz hotel, or a stay in a cosy log cabin in the North.

Vary your itinerary

Return home rested, with great adventure stories to tell. Balance your trip with cultural, adventure, and relaxation activities throughout your stay. Consider your groups interests and energy levels and aim to accommodate them.

“We had a super time and the program was great for my grandchildren as well. It wasn’t just non-stop touring, we had a variety of different activities for the family, and I feel that we really experienced all aspects of what Israel’s about- thumbs up to Ultimate, and thanks again for helping us so last minute.” – Adam Miller, NY, Family Trip

“We initially reached out to 4 companies. Sachlav came back to us in a week with a quote & itinerary draft – while other companies were just checking their emails for the first time. It was clear for us from the very start who the best organization was for our special trip.” – Josh Cutler, JCC Project Gesher

“Ultimate Israel helped us clarify what we wanted, came back to us with great new ideas, and gave us a really exciting itinerary! They genuinely cared about our group. The team were there to help us out throughout our time in Israel, and offer their personal hospitality. It was really an all-round success, and I hope we’ll get to go back soon.” – Yonatan Schimel, Bnei Akiva Scandinavia, winter camp