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Face to Face with Israel

This 10 day trip for Jewish over 40’s takes you on an affordable journey of Israels northern, southern and central regions, allowing you to experience the Holy Land through an exciting mix of outdoor, historical, culinary and artistic tours. Inspired by the Birthright concept of 10 days of adventurous peer group travel, Face to Face with Israel gives you the same opportunity to connect with new friends the land of Israel, but with an extra dose of comfort along the way! Click to learn more




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Israel Mountains & Valleys Tour

This 10 day tour is for those who love nature and the outdoors & wish to see Israel from above. Your guide will take you through the Land of Israel on a combination of light hiking trails and tours through all the key sites in the north, south and central regions of the country, stopping at all the best viewpoints to allow you to take in the beautiful landscapes surrounding you. Click here to learn more