Masa & Young Adults

Summer Internship Program

A six week summer internship in Israel is a fantastic way to top up your resume and expose you to leading companies and organizations in your field. It will offer you a taste of Israeli culture, give you an authentic experience of life as a young professional in Israel, and enrich your professional experience. Six weeks in Israel is the perfect choice for those wishing to intern between semesters, or for those who aren’t able to spend a full semester abroad.

The Top Israel Interns summer internship program  provides you with a top class work placement in your field and trendy apartment accommodation in the center of town.


Semester Internship Program

A five month professional internship in Israel is an impressive addition to your resume and will substantially boost your career development. This is the ideal opportunity for graduates looking to prepare for graduate school, enter the job market or switch careers. In five months you will get an authentic experience of what it’s like to live and work in Israel, get a solid introduction to Hebrew, and also take part in tours and social activities around the country.

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